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Call Taking System

Installed in March of 2012, the NPC-COL Emergency Communications call taking system that serves both PSAPs is a geo-diverse Cassidian Sentinel-Patriot system. The system is comprised of two sets of servers, one set located at the Lewiston Police Department (LPD) at 1224 F Street in Lewiston, Idaho and the other set located across the Clearwater River at the Nez Perce County Sheriff's Office (NPCSO) located within the Nez Perce County Jail building at 1150 Wall Street also in Lewiston, Idaho. The 911 call taking system currently receives 911 calls from CenturyLink legacy CAMA trunks, but is ready to take Next Generation 911 (NG911) calls via the State of Idaho Emergency Services Internet (ESiNet) when completed. The system is connected via a 10 Gigabit fiber optic connection with redundant connection provided by a wireless connection between the Lewiston Police Department and the Nez Perce County Jail.LPD Dispatch


Multiple levels of secure redundancy are built into the call taking system in the event the primary fiber optic connection between LPD and NPCSO should fail.

Level 1 - Wireless Network connection. This connection a Ubiquity wireless microwave technology set up to immediately fail over if the fiber optic network connection is lost or disrupted.

Level 2- Each PSAP has a set of servers located at the PSAPs primary site. In the event that both the fiber optic and wireless network connections are lost the system will continue taking calls via the stand alone servers. This is possible due to the system design that called for CAMA trunks to be installed at both PSAP primary call taking sites (LPD & NPCSO)

Level 3 - In the event either primary site needs to be evacuated both PSAPs maintain backup sites that are connected via secure wireless network connections.

Level 4 - Both PSAPs also have Cassidian CommandPost Laptop workstations that can plug into any internet connection and connect to the servers via a secure network link to the Cassidian servers.

Radio Dispatch

Calls are dispatched to emergency first responders via the Zetron Integrator Console Radio system. The Zetron system utilizes a main-frame radio relay system that integrates with Windows based Zetron software and a radio console at each Dispatch position that allows quick and reliable tone outs and voice communications to First Responder stations and in the field. A system of VHF radio repeaters placed strategically throughout Nez Perce County and the City of Lewiston allows for clear communications throughout the hills, valleys, and mountainous areas of Nez Perce County with relatively few "dead" spots where radio reception and transmission is unattainable.