Wireless 9-1-1 is the term used to describe 9-1-1 calls which originate from analog or digital cellular telephones and personal communications systems devices. In a community like ours, these account for 20 – 25% of all calls. During times of peak vehicle traffic, such as the morning and evening commute, wireless calls can make up almost 1/2 of all calls received.

Did you know that:

  • More than 30,000 wireless phones are sold every day?
  • More than 115,000 wireless 9-1-1 calls are made very day?
  • Most people purchase a wireless telephone for safety?
  • Wireless telephones do not provide 9-1-1 with a phone number and address?
  • Wireless telephones may not connect you to the correct 9-1-1 center?

When calling 9-1-1 from a wireless telephone:

  • Providing an accurate address is critically important.
  • Give an exact street number and street name if possible.
  • If you don’t know the exact address, provide an intersection.
  • Provide a business name or landmark if your address is unknown.
  • Stay on the line and follow directions carefully.
  • Don’t hang up until your call is answered.
  • Give your cell phone number.
  • Know where you’re at!  When traveling the highways in Idaho milepost signs are located on the lane shoulders. These are valuable in relaying your location to 9-1-1 personnel.

NOTE: Consumers should also know that the use of deactivated cell phones or cell phones manufactured solely for the purpose of making 9-1-1 calls cannot be called back by 9-1-1 center personnel to obtain additional, and possibly lifesaving, information. We believe you need to be aware of this fact before such a purchase is considered.

For more 9-1-1 Education information and materials please contact:

Dave Taylor
911 Coordinator
Email: davet@npc911.org
Phone: (208) 746-4911